Transport For Charity

In 2014, “Transport for Charity” was created to provide an opportunity to help promote and showcase the transport industry and the good people working within it to the general public in a positive and proactive way.

TBI has a strong belief of paying forward and giving back. It is these values which has led us to help create “Transport for Charity” and the Riverina Truck Show and Kids Convoy held in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

The event has grown substantially over the years and we believe it is not only having a positive impact on the general public, but also raising much needed money to support the many non-mainstream charities that in some way are close to the hearts of those within the transport industry.

TBI have a strong belief that we are all in this together. We believe we should work together to not only build our respective business in the ever changing business environments that we all face daily, but to also give back and support those that support us in a proactive and positive way.

Please visit our Transport for Charity page for more information on the Riverina Truck Show & Kids Convoy.